Flint Sharpener

50mm x 150mm x6mm  Diamond Hone. Will put a razor sharp edge on a used flint in minutes.

£15.00 each. With the rising cost of flints it will soon pay for itself.



Enfield style nipple: £7.50 each

Enfield style nipple Platinum Lined:

Your nipple lined: £30.00
.030" hole size .75mm

Powder Dispenser

This powder dispenser is used with an adjustable powder measure. Ideal for rapidly loading your phials. Moulded from a light plastic with aluminium cut off. Supplied with two powder bottles.

GB 25.00

Additional Bottles £1.00

Powder measures available



Bore Lights

£5.00 GB Pounds

Order 10 for £40.00

Discount for quantity orders.

Always in stock



Mould Handles

Fits all standard Moulds, Including Lee and Lyman.

£20.00 GB Pounds


Sprue cutter pliers £4.00