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Starter kit - Small Mould

1 x Smalll Mould - £25.00

1 x Handles - £20.00

1 x Lead Ladle - £6.00

1 x Sprue pliers - £4.50

Make a saving of £5.50.

50.00 GBP

Starter kit - Medium Mould

1 x Medium Mould - £30.00

1 x Handles - £20.00

1 x Lead Ladle - £6.00

1 x Sprue pliers - £4.50

Make a saving of £5.50.

55.00 GBP

Starter kit - Large Mould

1 x Large Mould - £60.00

1 x Handles - £20.00

1 x Lead Ladle - £6.00

1 x Sprue pliers - £4.50

Make a saving of £5.50.

85.00 GBP

Bore Lights

Always in stock. 0.390" Diameter. Discount for quantity orders.

5.00 GBP

Order 10.

40.00 GBP

Flint Sharpener

Diamond Hone. This tool will put a razor sharp edge on a used flint in minutes. With the rising cost of flints it will soon pay for itself. 50mm x 150mm x 6mm (2 x 6 x 1/4").

15.00 GBP

Lead Ladle

Lead Ladle for bullet casting, handy for skimming and stirring metal. Holds 2 oz.

6.00 GBP

Matchlock Cord

6.5mm diameter. Supplied in 5 Metre lengths.

Champion matchlock cord as used by World Champions Johan Karlsson and Jon Harper-Smith and many others. Specially imported from Japan and processed in the UK.

Cord may vary from picture.

10.00 GBP

Mini Bore Lights

Always in stock. 0.160" / 4mm Diameter.

5.00 GBP

Mould Handles

Fits all standard Moulds, Including Lee and Lyman.
*Please note that we do not ship these to the USA.

20.00 GBP


Enfield style nipple

9.00 GBP

Powder Dispenser

This powder dispenser is used with an adjustable powder measure. Ideal for rapidly loading your phials. Made from strong plastic with aluminium cut off. Supplied with two powder bottles. Please visit this link for an independent review.

25.00 GBP

Additional Bottles.

1.00 GBP

Powder Measure

For use in measuring powder from dispenser. Then transferring into phials. Adjustable from 10 to 120 grains. Suitable for small pistol to large musket loads.

15.00 GBP

Sprue Cutter Pliers

Specially ground pliers that are perfect for trimming sprues on round balls. Cutters may vary from picture.

4.50 GBP

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