Ball and Belted Ball Moulds


Any size round ball mould made;
Belted ball moulds made for two groove rifles;

Ball Moulds

Up to 0.60" 20 Pounds
0.61 to 0.850" 25 Pounds
0.850 to 1.050" 40 Pounds

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Belted Ball Moulds

Belted Ball moulds are also available, but a cast of your bore will be required for profile of belt.
These start at 30.00


Cannon Ball Moulds

Moulds from 1.1 upwards are available in brass. 50.00

Moulds from 1.55 will be supplied in aluminium




Hollow Cannon Ball Moulds

A solid lead ball can make pressures zoom.

These moulds will cast a hollow hemisphere and two can be glued together to make a lighter ball and keep pressure to a safer level from 75.00

Immediate turnaround.

Bulk orders taken.

World wide distribution